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It’s over… Get over it already!! November 23, 2008

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I realize that the past election was one of the most exciting elections in history. It bothers me that so many people are outraged about the results. Obviously, we had a record turn out at the polls, and so many young people got out there, and made their voice heard. So many people are complaining and saying how the next four years are going to be even worse than the present state. How can so many people be pessimistic? It hurts me that such a huge portion of this country doesn’t have optimism or any faith at all. This should be a time that the country joins together to celebrate what we just achieved. Not only was this a momentous event for our country, it was important for the whole world. There was a huge approval throughout the whole world, but yet so much dissappointment in the states. I get it that they are angry that their candidate did not win, but be happy for our country and that we are moving forward for once.


Are things like the following really necessary?

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Bowling for Collumbine November 18, 2008

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This film really has really opened my eyes to the tragedy at Collumbine High. I cannot fathom being in such a horrifying situation. Michael Moore does a great job of digging in deep to find the hidden details of the plot. I find it disturbing that the two boys resorted to such violence. Many kids feel alone and singled out in high school, but it’s not the end of the world. I absolutely hated my high school experience, but at no point did I ever think about shooting up the school. There are so many other resources to find a solution or find help. It breaks my heart that these boys really felt that hopeless, that they needed to kill a teacher and several classmates, and in the end take their own lives. I hope one day I will be able to see a world where people can learn to deal with their issues in a calm, peaceful way.

In memory of the lives lost at Columbine High School. RIP.

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My Biggest Pet Peeves November 6, 2008

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1. Excessive PDA.. sick

2. People who ride bikes on the street

3. People who are still debating about the election.. its over. It happened. Get over it.

4. When someone leaves only one square of toilet paper on the roll.

5. Loud drunk kids running around outside at 3 or 4 in the morning.

6. People who talk politics and just attack other canidates but can’t back up why they are for their opposition.

7. When people scrape their teeth on their fork when they eat.

8. People who gossip behind someone’s back and then act like they are best friends to their face.

9. LYING!!! In any form.

10. When people of different origins come to the US, but don’t follow our laws and do not attempt to learn English.


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Our Future President… BARACK OBAMA!! November 5, 2008

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Yesterday, I witnessed history. I watched live footage as Barack Obama was voted the United States’ first multi-racial President. I feel so empowered that I had a say in this momentous part of our country’s history. After Obama takes the position in January, I am looking forward to seeing what change follows through.

Our country will benefit from this huge step taken, and will hopefully move farther and farther away from racism and inequality. Many positive steps will be taken: towards improving our health care system, making higher education affordable for all, improving our economy, and creating more jobs right here in America. So yes, change is about to occur. At this moment, there are many bitter Americans, affraid and doubtful of the future. They will eventually come to see that Obama is the best thing for our country right now. We can’t sink much lower than we are right now. Our biggest global issue is the war in Iraq. Obama never supported it, and he wants to end it safely and soon. This week, a family friend of mine was deported to Baghdad, the center of combat in Iraq. I have many other loved ones in the military right now, and would love to see them brought home, and reunited with their families in the beautiful country that they have been representing in battle. Foreign countries are applauding this moment for America. Last night, Australians in Sydney watched with excitement, and were thrilled for the positive direction we are taking. Most of the World has come together to support America’s decision of electing Barack Obama as our next American President. That is beautiful.

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Get out of the freaking road! October 30, 2008

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So this topic has turned into the complain category, but oh well. I cannot stand it when bikers ride their bikes in the streets, when there is a whole separate sidewalk dedicated to them. It drives me crazy! They obviously do not go as fast as cars, so why do they think they are so special? They disobey traffic laws, despite the fact that they are IN traffic. Also, its outright dangerous for them to be among the cars, without proper protection. Yes, you may have a helmet on, but if a car hits you, you don’t have the exterior of a vehicle to take the initial hit. YOU take that hit. It would be best for everyone if the bikers just stay on their sidewalk.

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Argue topics

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1. Abortion

2. Born gay/choose to be gay

3. Young people’s rights (drinking age, etc)

4. Money issues

5. Obama vs. McCain

6. Young relationships

7. Honesty

8. Responsibility

9. Having a job in college

10. The war

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